David Jong Sung Myung

David JongSung Myung

David JongSung Myung was born in Seoul in 1991 and studied musical theater and singing at the HfM Saarbrücken and music therapy in Berlin. He also works as a music therapist. As a choir singer he has been part of several projects and education programs at the Berliner Philharmoniker. He is a member of the Political Voice Insititute (PVI) which was founded at Gorki Theater under the direction of Marta Górnicka in autumn 2019. In 2020 he participated in the intervention of the Political Voice Institute Community: An App For One Person at Gorki Kiosk. In the same year, he played his first movie role in EX the movie directed by George Markakis that had its premiere at Berlinale 2020. As a performer he is part of Doris Uhlich’s performance Habitat, shown in Frankfurt and Basel. In 2021 David JongSung Myung is part of Marta Górnickas production Still Life: The Chorus for Animals, People and all other Lives.

Photo: Esra Rotthoff


Still Life