That’s the way it is: has music already reached its high point? Probably. Those couple of notes have sounded, all perceptible tempos at the end and harmonies have already been played through in every possible combination. Was it the 70s? The 80s? Or the 90s? Modern music keeps getting stuck and the development seems confused. If you don’t have anything to do, you’ll go mad. Go back a bit in time and take another path. What is lo-fi anyways? It isn’t shocking because it sounds like‚ “howww??” All that’s left is the monotony, in precise boredom and a codex of pushing. A modern dust settles over us and filters your perception. Today, at the very latest, we should open ourselves up again, evaluate belatedly, and understand our ears anew.

Dear Radio, Why? What for, to what end? You’re not going to get my blessing. It’s always the same!

From a cross-eyed perspective, what is there left to say in this generation of comfort?

They just mess around and whine.

All that’s left is the band CHUCKAMUCK, the last band that’s still got it in this sickly country. 

Now as a trio: the Golden Triangle.