Barbara Christ

Barbara Christ studied literature and theatre studies, and then worked as a dramaturg before writing her PhD on the dramatic fragment. In addition to her work as a translator, which she began in 1997, she was a regular editor for the Verlag der Autoren from 1998 to 2009. Her translation work focuses on plays and narrative literature from Great Britain, Canada and the USA, including the works of Nobel Prize winner Doris Lessing. She has translated plays written by David Greig, Noah Haidle, Anthony Neilson, Bruce Norris and Simon Stephens, among others. Christ led the translation seminars during the week-long workshop »Forum Theaterübersetzung« as part of the 2012 and 2014 theatre biennales »Neue Stücke aus Europa« from the Staatstheaters Wiesbaden, in collaboration with ITI Deutschland. She’s also led the international translators’ workshop seminars as part of the Mülheimer »Stücke« Festival since 2013 and the »Transfer« translators’ workshop at the Kinder-und Jugendtheaterzentrum since 2016. In 2012 she received a Gottsched-Stipendium from the Deutscher Übersetzerfonds and, together with David Greig, the 2014 Deutscher Kinder und Jugendtheaterpreis. She is based in Frankfurt am Main.