Anna Lenchovska

Anna Lenchovska, M.D. is a psychologist, trainer, and coordinator of educational projects for teenagers and teachers. She is the director of the Kyivbased NGO Tolerspace. She works as a trainer of the international educational project UpRooted which investigates stolen children in the realm of influence of Nazi Germany. In 2014 Anna initiated a rehabilitation training course for teenagers affected by war called Building bridges, not walls which she continues to run. Lenchovska co-authored various online courses on safe pedagogics and on traumainformed care in education. In 2022, Anna conducted mental health support programs for Ukrainian teachers as part of a UNICEF project. Anna acted as a Regional Consultant to Ukraine at the USC Shoah Foundation during 2005–2018 conducting educational projects for multipliers on the use of video testimonies of Holocaust survivors in Ukrainian schools. In 2014 she gave a course for the New Patrol Police in Kyiv entitled Tolerance and Non-Discrimination. Anna Lenchovska co-curated the travelling educational exhibition Together, and published teaching materials on intercultural education at schools under the titles Polikulturyka, Memory walk, anti-discrimination educational tutorials like I-you-she-he, and debate video-clips such as Free2choose. From 2002–2016 she was working with teenagers from various ethnic groups to create respect and tolerance, and has trained numerous educators for an international project Sources of Tolerance in Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. In 2015–2019 she served as a consultant to the Roma Program of the International Renaissance Foundation. From 2009–2015, she served as an executive director of the Congress of National Minorities in Ukraine. Before that a child clinical psychologist and project assistant at the Institute of Jewish studies. Anna got her M.A. in Clinical Psychology at Kyiv National University, was trained as a Gestalt therapist at Kyiv Gestalt University. She was trained at the processoriented, multi-dimensional organizational leadership program of the Deep democracy Institute. Anna was trained in a trauma-informed care approaches at the Colorado Institute for Conflict Resolution & Creative Leadership. Additionally, she worked an intern at the Bertelsmann Foundation (Germany), at the Clinic of Child and Youth Psychiatry (Germany).

Foto: Valentyn Kuzan