Foto © Maïscha Souaga


FAYIM is a singer-songwriter based in Berlin. His vocal and musical career began in his parents’ living room, and their music continues to influence him today. His father was a musician himself and known in the Hamburg reggae scene as Richie Askot. In his music, FAYIM unites influences from pop, soul, R&B, gospel and jazz. These skills were gathered and acquired over years, presenting them on various stages in collaborations with Noah Slee, badmómzjay, K.Zia, and many more. He sings to process but also to strengthen. Inspired by Black artist and activist May Ayim in particular, FAYIM’s modes of expression through his music are emotional and authentic. As a queer Black person in Germany, this self-taught musician found a language in music that has made him into one of the most acclaimed and in-demand singers in his scene. Participating in POPkurs in Hamburg (2016) enabled FAYIM to go deeper into and solidify the skills he had already acquired. In addition to choir projects like A Song For You and his activist work in the Hamburg collective FORMATION NOW** and Power.Haus, FAYIM has released multiple singles over the past 4 years. They were produced in collaboration with musicians including Roger Reckless, Camufingo and Shelly Phillips and as solo projects such as Du fehlst, in which he processes his father’s early death.

Photo © Maïscha Souaga