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Broken German

Hörspiel nach dem Roman von Tomer Gardi

An Israeli man tells in broken German of Radili Anuan who bought a knife in Berlin, after being attacked by skinheads, but then buried it. When he returns to the city, his left-wing communards plan to make a documentary film about the search for the buried knife. Director Noam Brusilovsky was awarded the German Radio Drama Prize in November 2017 for this virtuoso play on language and identities.

Das Hörspiel ist eine Produktion des SWR. Verlagsrechte: Felix Bloch Erben


On the photo: Dor Aloni (Role in the audio play: Abschalom and Radili) and Aviva Joel (Role in the audio play: Mother) 

Photografer: Monika Maier

Audio drama by
Tomer Gardi
Adaptation by
Noam Brusilovsky