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Book Premiere: Why we matter

Das Ende der Unterdrückung

How do we recognise our privileges? How can white people see the reality of black people? Male Muslims that of white women? And white women those of male Muslims? The activist and political scientist Emilia Roig shows – also on the basis of her own family's history, in which racism and Black Pride, anti-Semitism and Auschwitz, homophobia and queerness, patriarchy and feminism collide like under a burning glass – how racism intersects with other types of discrimination in everyday life. Whether on the street, at university or in the courtroom, Roig creates a new awareness of how conditions we consider »normal« – the preference for marriage, for the male body in medicine or the canon of classical culture – have grown historically. And that our world could be a completely different one.

The book Why we matter by Emilia Roig will be published by Aufbau Verlag in February. In conversation with Alice Hasters, she presents it at Gorki for the first time – broadcasted live.

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Abak Safaei-Rad


Abak Safaei-Rad