Bonding_Maxim Gorki Theater

Bonding - Eine Zwangsgemeinschaft

A Gorki X production

A season 2015/2016 production

Premiere May 28, 2016


The actors of the age of 16-25 of the Gorki youth club, the actionists start a dialogue with their parents, grandparents and siblings and stand up against the moral values, unwritten prescriptions, hidden expectations, the thousand times ruminated rules of conduct or indisputable no-go's that exist in their family biotope. Values, that some authoritatively have shaped, of which one wants to define oneself, that one definitely wants to live on, that paralyse some or make some strong or that one never even has thought about. These transcriptions of the meetings serve as basis of the development of the play. Where do we hold on to in life? What should we strive for? What is of inarguable importance? Will we come to a communal denominator? What are we responsible for? Are we a reflection of our parents? Can we escape from their influence? Is it in fact worth striving for? And has everything, that we do, always a dependent or demarcational relation to them? 

Suna Gürler



Sezgi Ceylanoğlu