Blood Moon Blues

The Nubian ibex lives in rocky desert regions. And this is exactly where Elinor has retreated to. Because after a lifetime of prancing on the edge of the abyss, remaining calm and steadfast, a shocking piece of information now throws her off balance for the first time. Near the Dead Sea, she camps out in the desert, brooding about her life.
When Elinor calls her daughter in, she doesn't know that she's long on the road, searching for her mother with one of Elinor's former and the current lover ...


A sharp-tongued chamber play about the abysmal love in Elinor's relationships: with her daughter Luna, long-term partner Gabriella, and short-lived lover Greg.


With a particular interest in women's (attributed) roles Yael Ronen and Orit Nahmias developed this new play under the working title Blue Monkey, Dirty Money.

The main character's history of migration is her background in vibration and shapes the play in Elinor's multilingual communication. Just as self-evident is the queer and intense lived sexuality of a woman over 50. But the foreground is occupied by the emotional upheavals: As mental health becomes a formative theme and suicidal thoughts are negotiated, the character's already complicated network of care is subjected to even more pressure. 


In German and English.

World Premiere 20/November 2022


Special thanks to Taner Şahintürk und Jonathan Gat.

Photo: Esra Rotthoff
Stage photos: Ute Langkafel


Stage design


Lighting design




Orit Nahmias

Vidina Popov