Berliner Korrespondenzen

Berliner Korrespondenzen: Offene Horizonte in Zeiten der Abschottung


Europe is steadily sealing itself off - intellectually and geographically. Traditional cultures are invoked, critics are silenced. How do we find a pragmatic position that takes a stand against these reactionary tendencies? How can we protect Europe?s thinking from its own claim to absolute authority?

This discussion centres on an encounter between philosopher Souleymane Bachir Diagne and writer Mathias Énard, two nomadic thinkers for whom there are no borders to inspiration. They weave European, Islamic and post-colonial, current and historical discourses into ever changing patterns.

How can thought be kept radically open, how can the untranslatable be translated? What could be new ideas for societies between utopia and reality? The opening of Berlin Correspondence will discuss alternative political systems, transcultural identities and issues of global justice. 

Simultaneous interpretation will be provided (German - French).


Berliner Korrespondenzen ist eine Reihe des Gorki Forum und der Allianz Kulturstiftung in Zusammenarbeit mit der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin und gefördert durch das Auswärtige Amt