Being Politicized – Justiz und Rassismus

In Zusammenarbeit mit Amnesty International und der ISD

The US-Americans Albert Woodfox, Robert King and Herman Wallace (passed away in 2013), three Black Panthers activists, spent decades in solitary confinement. They have become known internationally as »Angola Three«. Woodfox was the last one who was released from prison in 2016.
Together with black community representatives, human rights activists and the audience they speak about resistance, human rights, strategies and the will to survive in a racist system of justice.


The ISD-Bund e.V. is an association that has been active for over 30 years and is committed to the interests and rights of black people in Germany. The work of the ISD includes i.a. Racial profiling, German colonial history and migration policy

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL is a human rights organization independent of governments, political parties, ideologies, economic interests and religions. Amnesty has been fighting for the realization of human rights worldwide since 1961.


In cooperation with Amnesty International Deutschland e.V. and Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland Bund e.V. (ISD)


Photo: Robert King, Albert Woodfox, taken by Amnesty UK
© M-A Ventoura/AIUK