Aus der Bubble in die Charts

Aus der Bubble in die Charts!

Auftaktfeier zu den Tagen der Jüdisch-Muslimischen Leitkultur 2020

Spotlighted for years only as a spectacle by media and politics, strategies and aesthetics, concepts and perspectives have developed in art and science that manage without a structuring centre and heroicized past. Armed with an archive of well-fortified art, the motto is post-migrant anti-fascism, radical diversity and dealing with the present against any serious claim of dominant Leitkultur(s). On the eve of the TdJML 2020 we celebrate the days of the Jewish-Muslim, Queer Left-wing Extremist, Kurdish Intellectual, Atheistic-Circassian Leitkultur!

A film by Moritz Richard Schmidt
Hosted by Max Czollek und Necati Öziri in cooperation with the Maxim Gorki Theatre
With Rebecca Ajnwojner, Fatma Aydemir, Sivan Ben Yishai, Murat Dikenci, Yunus Ersoy, Benjamin Fischer, Marina Frenk, Tim Freudensprung, Tobias Herzberg, Daniel Kahn, Mely Kiyak, Leon Lapsker Kahn, Yeva Lapsker Kahn, Shermin Langhoff, Hanni Lorenz, Monica Marotta, Sasha Marianna Salzmann, Deniz Utlu, Hengameh Yaghoobifarah

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This online-event is part of the Tage der Jüdisch-Muslimischen Leitkultur.


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