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Monologue of a furious artist

With the distance provided by Berlin, a Kurdish artist reflects on his life in Turkey. He observes the recent protest movements, and the state, social, cultural and artistic responses to them. One day the artist gets up and tries out the uprising himself; against neighbours, fellow artists, gallerists. He complains about those who wave the Turkish flag, people from Istanbul, the general course of events, and dares to ask if it was really wise to install electricity in every Kurdish village.
In Aufstand (Uprising), Mely Kiyak processes her experiences as an eyewitness to the protests in Turkey and describes her perspective on the uprising; beyond the images of tear-gas clouds, marching policemen, and people with gas masks.

Premiere 20/November 2014

A prodiuction by Maxim Gorki Theaters Berlin and Badisches Staatstheater Karslruhe.






Mehmet Yılmaz


»Kiyak beschreibt eine Identitäts- und Gerechtigkeitssuche. Mit Brisanz und Witz, mit Zorn und Ratlosigkeit.«

Tagesspiegel, Patrick Wildermann