9th November 1989/2014 - The Fall of Berlin Wall Performance

How does one represent great historical moments? The rebellion of a people, the collapse of a regime, the breaking down of borders? 25 years after the 9th of November 1989, the Argentinian director Lola Arias only read something about German history on Wikipedia. With the aid of a dramaturge who grew up in East-Berlin, she is looking for protagonists for a mass re-enactment of the fall of the Berlin Wall. 

How did those events of 1989, and the pictures that went around the world, come about? What will the protagonists of these pictures tell us? How do we interpret the resistance of these events nowadays? And how did our perspective on it change? How do slogans and gestures in terms of time? Do we still find traces of the German Democratic Republic today? How far would you go as part of the movement?

DO YOU WANT TO TAKE DOWN WALLS, DESTROY YOUR PASSPORT AND SWITCH TO THE OTHER SIDE? Then be invited to the Studio Я of the Gorki Theater! We are looking for men and women of all ages, who want to represent the fall of the wall of '89 on November 9, 2014 from 4 to 11 pm. Acting experience and knowledge of German history are not required. All potential will be incorporated, every kind of participation is highly appreciated!

Lola Arias became known around the world for her works Mi vida después (My Life After, 2009) and El año en que nací (The Year I Was Born, 2012). In both works, youth who were born during the Argentinian military dictatorship or under the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile deal with their parents' biographies.



Lola Arias

Aljoscha Begrich