Ätsch Age! (c) Esra Rotthoff



In their new project, the Golden Gorkis ask what age means to them and what their wishes are for growing old. In a performative format, the group explores common questions about age and aging. Which longings only become clear to me in old age? What am I allowed to do in old age, what not, or no longer, and what just. Who actually makes whom old? Does age contribute to thinking, feeling and acting more inclusively? The Golden Gorkis are exploring the futures and potentials of aging societies in a fun way, true to the motto: Everyone wants to grow old, but no one wants to be!


Artistic Director Ron Rosenberg Stage Design Marco Michelle Artistic Advisory Holger Kuhla

With Henriette Bothe, Peter Fieback, Martha Hölters-Freier, Bernd Ocker Hölters, Koos Martens, Leyla Mehrmann, Hans-Peter Niendorf, Liz Schmidt, Johanna Skirecki, Renate Sörensen