Atem Mehtap Baydu


Performance by Mehtap Baydu

Mehtap Baydu looks at the global power gap by filling a balloon with her breath until she disappears.

Oranienstraße in Kreuzberg, perhaps Berlin’s most international neighborhood, is as much influenced by gentrification as by the struggles against it. Here, high-priced real estate investment projects encounter the micro-economies of immigrants, while men’s cafés (still) coexist with queer bars and hip galleries. In this unique, diverse microcosm, Mehtap Baydu dedicates her performance to the international conflicts that are reflected here as well as the news which take our breath away. In a 15-days performance, daily starting from 4pm to 8pm, Mehtap Baydu displays the narrowing of space and poses questions about the positioning of the body.

Cooperation with SCOTTY, Projektraum für zeitgenössische Kunst und experimentelle Medien e.V.

Performance by
Mehtap Baydu