Bild:Ael Jawala


Balkan Big Beats aus Freiburg

Balkan Big Beats from Freiburg by and with Stefanie Schimmer (Vocals, Saxophone) Krischan Lukanow (Saxophone) Daniel Pellegrini (Drums, Didgeridoo) Markus Sumakari (Percussion, Synthies) Ben Krahl (Bass, Guitar)

A magical crossover of shimmering Balkan brass and irresistible grooves. Äl Jawala is an extraordinary live band that transfers its pulsating energy directly to the audience. Its genre? Balkan Big Beats, Oriental Voodoo, Tropical Gypsy, Balkan Trance or just »culture shock you can dance to«.

The concert is part of the Album Release Tour (new Album: LOVERS, release at 6/April)