c_Andrea Peković


TALK I with the artists and collaborators

The first Public Session of Four Faces of Omarska at the 6th Berliner Herbstsalon will present the new iteration of the exhibition. 

Milica Tomić, Anousheh Kehar, Philipp Sattler and Amel Beslagić will introduce and guide the audience through the exhibition, each of them taking a specific look at the interlinked history of the Omarska site in its –discontinuities and continuities. They will delve into the research material that sheds light on the ethnicization of society, privatization processes, political-economic organizations of land use, and exploitative labor practices within post-war societies. While discussing theoretical, methodological, and practical challenges in presenting visual documentations of collective investigative processes, the activation of the exhibition will feature a conversation with Dubravka Sekulić, including a discussion of her research contribution I am building a house, yet I own not a single stone (Kuću gradim, a kamena nemam). 

Photo: Kozara

Part of 6. Berliner Herbstsalon 2023 LOST – YOU GO SLAVIA