Jawad Salkhordeh

Jawad Salkhordeh was born in 1980 in North Iran and brought up in a family of artists. His older brother plays the flute (studies under Jamshid Andalibi) and his sisters are active in the field of theatre, painting and calligraphy.  His uncle Abolhasan Khoshro is a famous singer of Iranian folk music and plays music together with other family members. At the age of 15, Jawad began to take Tonbak lessons. In the course of his studies he also learned from his friends M. Shadmani, H. Shahmirzadi and B. Bahrami. In 2004 he got tought by B. Rajabi in Teheran for two years. In the same year he gave three concerts in the Golestan Art Gallery.
In 2007 he traveled to Germany and since then he regulary gave concerts in France, Italy, Armenia and Germany. Recently he gave concerts in Berlin together with the Sistanagila and the Alhambra Ensemble.


Norouz: Eydi!