Moïra Gilliéron

Moïra Gilliéron was born in Switzerland in 1989. She studied scenography at the Zurich Academy of the Arts and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. At the age of thirteen, she participated regularly in the courses offered by the junges theater basel. After graduating from secondary school, she interned and assisted with productions at the Zurich Theatre, where her mentors included Ricarda Beilharz, Bettina Meyer, Stéphane Laimé and Lola Arias/Rimini Protokoll. In August 2013 the project Mein Enkel 2072 (My Grandson 2072) by Gilliéron / Koch / Wey was shown at the Treibstoff Theatertage in Basle. Since the 2013/14 season, she has been assistant set designer at the Gorki.