In his study, he’s preparing himself for his appearance: a dictator who, like the Sun King, thinks: »I am the state«. He’ll soon face the people who’ve gathered around his window. Today is the day of decision. Today the dictator will either assert himself or the people will get rid of him. These are the only options; there’s nothing else. So this may be his last day as a »state«. He comes to us and shouts: »I am your reflection! Your dream! Your fear created me!« In January 2018, the planned performance of the play Sadece Dictator (Only Dictator) by Onur Orhan with Barış Atay was banned in Istanbul. The police surrounded the theatre and let neither the actor nor the audience inside. Can Dündar, journalist living in exile in Berlin and Gorki columnist, wrote the following about the incident in ZEIT: »It’s not surprising that Erdoğan feels disturbed by it even if his name is never mentioned. It’s disconcerting, however, that every time he feels disturbed, it costs the artists dearly«.


Photo: © Sera Cakal