FUCK YOU, Eu.ro.pa!

FUCK YOU, Eu.ro.pa!

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FUCK YOU, Eu.ro.pe!

A young woman is supposed to write an essay on the topic: "What has my country done for me, and what have I done in return?" Instead, she writes a letter to her father. To her "home country", whom she addresses as "Papa". Or maybe it really is her father after all. A powerful man who can represent everything: state, fatherland, family. A furious kaleidoscope of perspectives on Moldova in the post-Soviet era. Nothing is certain, everything immediately falls apart. 
The winner of the Romanian dramAcum prize, the internationally-renowned associative monologue FUCK YOU, Eu.ro.Pa! was banned after its publication in Moldova. Still highly relevant, it tells of much more than just a short period in the history of the former USSR.

Odessa Transfer

200 rubles 
this is not America, where you can sell everything, even your “old lady”, you speculator
my granny screamed at the sailor, who staunchly refused to give up the blue jeans for 180
and, out of all that, I did not understand the meaning of the phrase "old lady" nor the meaning of the word "America" 
The first pair of blue jeans, fresh from the USA - the arrival of the West in Moldova. If you want to wear real worn-out jeans, then you have to wash them with stones in the washing machine. And then you do not throw away the jeans. Just the washing machine. A Moldavian family travels to Odessa and picks up the Western feeling. War in Georgia breaks out, friends die. In school, history is re-written every day. Nothing is certain any more. And the narrator learns another new word: Perestroika. 


Marina Frenk