(En)Countering the future

(En)countering the future

Chancen und Strukturen der zukünftigen, intersektionalen und künsterlischen Arbeit

For some time now, diversity has been shaping the investigations and debates in the theatre, academic institutions, literature and visual arts in equal measure. Questions of representation, visibility, power and participation open up a space for considering future artistic structures, aesthetics and funding opportunities. But what does it really mean to work in an intersectional way that supports diversity? In this panel discussion we will encounter participants and approaches from various art movements, groups and institutions, identifying potential concepts and thoughts that could pave the way for transcultural, diverse, multilingual future spaces for art and thought.


With Emre Akal (Staatstheater Ayşe X), Lara-Sophie Milagro (Label Noir), Kenda Hmeidan (Exil Ensemble), Elena Agudio (SAVVY Contemporary) Moderation Sophie Diesselhorst (nachtkritik), Jonas Tinius (CARMAH)

The event is part of the network meeting PostHeimat – Encounter #4.

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Photo: Franziska Götzen