Macht der Konzerne

Nach Thilo Bodes Buch »Die Diktatur der Konzerne«

Who’s in charge? An easy question to answer at first glance. Parliament, government, chancellor, president. Separation of powers, federalism, European Union. But is that still true? For years Thilo Bode, activist, author and director of the foodwatch NGO, has investigated the way private corporations influence decision making processes in politics. In his book Die Diktatur der Konzerne, he hazards a sweeping blow across society: From the automobile industry through chemical giants to the digital corporations, Bode gathers examples that demonstrate the erosion of democracy through lobbying. Regine Dura and Hans Werner Kroesinger take Bode’s book as the impetus to create a play out of the off-kilter relationship between politics and the economy and use the theatre’s spotlight to illuminate the realm of shadows that has long since, unbidden and unelected, taken charge.

A production by Maxim Gorki Theatre in cooperation with Schöpflin Stiftung



Yanina Cerón

Dominic Hartmann

Abak Safaei-Rad

Falilou Seck